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Competitive 10&U (born 2009/2010)

Competitive Programs for 10&U Boys and Girls

A new program for intermediate 10&U players
Weekly practices and games

3x3 Programs for 10&U Players

Our highly popular 3x3 program now occurs @ both SAS and UWCE for players graduating from our Development programs.


  • Friday Night 3x3 internal League on campus @ SAS
  • Gameplay for a full 1.5 hours for all players
    • Less players on court and on each team means more time actually playing
    • More space to execute on skills learnt
    • More time with the ball in each players hands 
  • Weekday Team Practice for our Elementary School players


  • 'Practice & Play' program for once a week players
    • 1 hour skills practice followed by 1 hour of 3x3 game play every week in one session
  • Elementary players can add Wednesday nights as an extra weekday practice session

3x3 Competitive play @ SAS

August 13 - November 15

10&U Boys & Girls (2008 / 2009)

Specific programs for 10&U Boys & Girls, with options for players to play twice per week, three times per week or more!

Weekday Practices + Friday 3x3 Games @ SAS
2 x per week with add on programs available

Days and Times
Girls @ SAS: Monday Practice (16:30-18:00)
Boys @ SAS: Tuesday Practice (16:30-18:00)
Boys & Girls @ UWCE: Wednesday Practice (18:00-19:30)
Friday 3x3 games @ SAS
Add-on programs detailed below

Program Fees:
Boys & Girls @ SAS: $1500 (12 practices & 11 game days)
Boys & Girls @ UWCE: $950 (practices only) / $682 (games only)

Note: For UWCE players, practices end in December, for SAS players, practices end in November
For UWCE players, payment for game fees @ SAS through the SAS-EAA website.

All new players receive a free club t-shirt and reversible practice jersey as part of the registration fee.   
Game uniforms ($60) to be purchased directly from FastBreak after assessments.

Add-on Programs

  • Saturday morning 3x3 Program (see details in the right hand column on this page)
  • Games in the CBL (Sundays) available for advanced players (click here for 11&U CBL play information)

All options for add-on programs are included in the registration form

Coach Kiran

Coach Kiran

Phone: +65 9183 5177

Fastbreak 3x3 league @ UWCE

August 17 - December 14

FastBreak 3x3 returns in the Fall for its 9th consecutive year!

With 3x3 now being a worldwide recognised basketball format, FastBreak is pleased to be the leader of 3x3 basketball in Singapore. FastBreak's 3x3 program is ideal for players to develop their skills, featuring more touches, more space,  more scoring & more playing time.

The FastBreak 3x3 League is ideal for players moving up from our Development Programs to begin to hone their skills in a competitive, but controlled environment, as well as being a third practice session and game for our 5x5 players.

The 2 hour sessions feature an hour of skills practice focussing specifically on skills required for in-game success, followed by an hour of play in our 3x3 FastBreak League. Our League tracks results and points for individual players, with trophies awarded at the end of the season for the top players on our leaderboard. Our season finishes with a 3x3 tournament in the final session.

Practice & Play
2-hour sessions x 16 weeks
Half-Season option: 8 weeks

Age Groups and Times
Boys & Girls (Grades 4 - 6): 8:30-10:30 (SH 3&4)

Program Fees:
Full-Season (16 weeks): $1350
Half-Season (8 weeks): $750

All new players receive a free club t-shirt and reversible practice jersey as part of the registration fee.

Registration Information for programs @ SAS

Registration for FastBreak programs @ SAS will be handled in a two step process. Payments handled through the SAS "Eagles Athletics and Activities" office include Weekday Team Skills practices, Team Practices for 10&U / 11&U players, 10&U Friday 3x3 League games and Thursday Shooting Practice. All other payments for Saturday team practices and add-on programs are direct through FastBreak.

Step #1: Register through our FastBreak Fall Season 2019 Registration here (registration for all programs are included, both @ SAS and UWCE). This will allow you to register and make payment for team practices, games for your child's team, and / or to add any extra programs which are conducted at UWC East (Saturday FastBreak 3x3 Leagues, extra practices).

Step #2: Register and pay through the SAS-EAA office for all on campus sessions (10&U / 11&U team practices, Friday 3x3 League games, Development and Team Skills and Shooting practices. Instructions on the new SAS-EAA registration process are located here, and the direct link to the registration is here.

If you have any queries, please contact Coach Kiran @, or call me on 9183 5177.