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Elite Programs and Advanced Skills

Elite Programs and Advanced Skills

Select Teams
Video capture and analysis with Hudl
Travel and Tournament Play
NEW Semi-Private Weekly Scheduled Classes

Advanced Skills Sessions

Shooting Practice

1.5-hour session focused entirely on shooting.  
Program follows a progression from basics (form shooting)
through more advanced game situations
(catch & shoot, shooting off the dribble and one-on-one moves against a defender…)

Thursdays @ SAS, 16:30-18:00
Fridays @ UWCE, 18:00-19:30

UWCE: 15 sessions (Full Season) / 9 sessions (Half Season)
SAS: 11 sessions (Season 1)

Program Fee
UWCE: $950 (Full Season) / $625 (Half Season)
SAS: $750 (Season 1)

Select Teams

Our Select Teams are our teams playing in the highest level of domestic competition, as well as our teams selected to participate in tournament play (local and overseas).

Select teams include access to our Video Capture and Analysis provider, Hudl.

Select teams include the following:

  • Minimum 3 sessions per week
  • Access to Hudl game analysis and breakdown
  • Invitations for tournament and travel play

Returning players will be invited to join our Select Teams by email invitation. New players should contact Coach Kiran with their interest to play for a Select Team.

Hudl Video Capture and Analysis Partnership

FastBreak is excited to be the only sports club in Singapore to offer our Select Teams access to one of the leaders in sport game video capture and analysis.

The benefits of Hudl include:

  • Ability to provide players with video feedback for individual player development
  • Ability for coaches to analyze team performance and adjust practices and game plans based upon this analysis
  • Players able to view all their individual clips / highlights from games
  • Coaches able to view and utilise game statistics for promoting team success

At a minimum, all Select Team home games will be recorded and then broken down by Hudl. Where possible, away games will also be included.

All coaches and players will have access to game footage to review, learn from and share.

Coach Kiran

Coach Kiran

Phone: +65 9183 5177

NEW Semi-Private Classes

This coming Fall season, FastBreak will be offering a new opportunity for our players to engage in semi-private classes focussed on individual skill development. We have now identified times and spaces where we can deliver these classes on a weekly basis, as well as a flexible way for players to attend the classes.

Similar to classes available in other disciplines, players can now buy a “block” of classes (in denominations of 5,10 or 20) and attend classes when their schedule allows throughout a season.

Upon purchasing a block of classes, players can then schedule their sessions up to 24 hours in advance, from the available times and locations (below). They can also nominate specific areas of development they require so sessions can be pre-arranged to tailor to their exact needs. FastBreak will also nominate certain classes for focus which any player who has paid for classes can attend. Classes will be capped at 4 players per coach.

With this program, we hope to provide more flexibility to allow for our players busy schedules, as well as giving them an opportunity to develop their individual skills using the coaching resources and technology available to them.


  • 5 classes
    • Term: To be used within the half semester purchased
    • Price: $300 ($60 per session)
  • 10 classes
    • Term: To be used within the semester purchased
    • Price: $550 ($55 per session)
  • 20 classes
    • Term: To be used within the semester purchased
    • Price: $1000 ($50 per session)

Session times and locations

  • SAS
    • Thursday: 18:00-19:00
    • Friday: 18:00-19:00
  • UWCE
    • Tuesday: 18:00-19:00
    • Thursday: 18:00-19:00
    • Saturday: 12:30-13:30 / 13:30-14:30
      • Perfect for players attending Saturday team practices to get an extra session in before or after their weekly practice.

Example Session descriptions:

  1. Shooting
    • Have your shot analyzed by our new HomeCourt app technology. This app will keep track of the shots you take on court as you go through a personalized shooting practice with one of our coaches. Sharpen your form and improve your technique as you sit down and have an in-depth look at your field goal percentage, arc and shot release speed.
  2. Finishing
    • Get more finesse in your scoring by expanding your finishing game. Learn new options around the rim and off the dribble. Practice finishing over a defender and through contact to give you a game like experience. Focus will be given for positional work based on individual needs.
  3. Ball Handling
    • Improve your ball handling skills to enhance your game. Focus on keeping the ball on your fingertips using specialized dribbling gloves and be forced to keep your head up using goggles that prevent you from looking down at the ball. We will also utilise our HomeCourt app dribbling program to take your handles to the next level.
  4. Agility, fitness and vertical
    • Stay in shape by going through a series of drills that will improve your reaction time, vertical jump and foot speed. Sessions will be tailored based on individual needs, using new equipment such as resistance parachutes and jump trainers. Use these drills throughout the season for optimal results and reach your fitness goals.

Registration Information for programs @ SAS

Registration for FastBreak programs @ SAS will be handled in a two step process. Payments handled through the SAS "Eagles Athletics and Activities" office include Weekday Team Skills practices, Team Practices for 10&U / 11&U players, 10&U Friday 3x3 League games and Thursday Shooting Practice. All other payments for Saturday team practices and add-on programs are direct through FastBreak.

Step #1: Register through our FastBreak Fall Season 2019 Registration here (registration for all programs are included, both @ SAS and UWCE). This will allow you to register and make payment for team practices, games for your child's team, and / or to add any extra programs which are conducted at UWC East (Saturday FastBreak 3x3 Leagues, extra practices).

Step #2: Register and pay through the SAS-EAA office for all on campus sessions (10&U / 11&U team practices, Friday 3x3 League games, Development and Team Skills and Shooting practices. Instructions on the new SAS-EAA registration process are located here, and the direct link to the registration is here.

If you have any queries, please contact Coach Kiran @, or call me on 9183 5177.