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Team Practices and Assessment Games start this weekend! -January 9-10

By Coach Kiran, 01/06/21, 12:15PM +08


Starting this weekend we will be playing 4x4 games, with league games starting soon!

That's right; starting from this weekend, we will be playing internal games of 4x4 with the view to start league games in the near future, hopefully early February.

FastBreak has developed a format for 4x4 games which has been approved by SportsSG as meeting Phase 3 regulations. Additionally, we have had a meeting with the League Committee yesterday and plans are moving forward to adopting this format for league play as soon as possible. This format will be as close to "normal" 5x5 play as we have seen since early February 2020.

What do I need to do to participate?

All players wanting to play in teams should be at UWCE this weekend, for Saturday practices and Sunday Assessment Games.

Below there are tables summarising the time for your child on both Saturday and Sunday. There are some important notes below.

  1. You must be registered before being allowed to enter the venue (registration link here). If there is any problem with completing the registration prior to attending, please email me to have your name added to the security entrance list.
  2. There is some crossover between groups (Grade levels / ages and divisions). If you are unsure which session your child should attend, please email me and I will confirm for you. We will also confirm with groups of players during the Saturday practices.
  3. To play on Sundays, players must be attending a weekly practice session, with the Saturday Combined Team Practices as the priority practice session.

When will league play start?

There are a few different elements to this question.

  1. FastBreak is ready to start immediately, but will use the next two weekends to assess all players and organise teams based upon these sessions
  2. Some clubs / schools are not back at school yet, and need to get back to school next week before they are able to confirm a start date
  3. Different clubs and schools are operating under different restrictions, and are still confirming their ability to start playing and / or their ability to host games
    1. UWCE is one of the few schools, and FastBreak one of the few clubs, authorised to start playing with external players / teams allowed to participate on campus

What can we confirm at this stage?


  1. We will start league play as soon as possible
  2. In the meantime, we will start (at least the next two weekends) with internal play in 4x4 to assess players and place them in teams
  3. After that point, even if league play doesn't start in week 3, we will start to invite clubs / schools who can participate to play against our teams

All of this is very exciting, and a reward for all of us for sticking it out this long. As soon as more information is confirmed and made available, we will communicate this out to everyone. Below are a couple of extra pieces of information on upcoming announcements

  • Car-pooling co-ordination for weekend programs @ UWCE
  • New T-Shirts, Reversible Jerseys and Game Uniforms to be received and distributed in early February

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email, or on my mobile, +65 9183 5177.


Coach Kiran