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Season 1 3x3 Programs draw to a close

By Coach Kiran, 03/29/17, 2:15PM +08


Individual awards winners below!

Last weekend saw our Spring Season 1 programs draw to a close with awards given to individual points leaders in each program.

It was a great first season, with the final positions for individual points awards decided on the last day with players changing positions throughout the day's games.

Individual awards winners are below.

8:30-10:30 Saturday Session
Division 1
1st Place -Farrell Mouyelo
2nd Place -Flynn Davies
3rd Place -Oli Feuerheerdt
Division 2
1st Place -Zachary Heller
2nd Place -Faiz Naseer
3rd Place -Kyle Cerasi

10:30-12:30 Saturday Session
Division 1
1st Place -Mason Okun
2nd Place -Derek Brown
Division 2
1st Place -Suyash Dasgupta
2nd Place -Melvin Wong
3rd Place -Rahil Chakraborty

11:00-12:30 Sunday Session
Division 1
1st Place -Rohan Kannan
2nd Place -Romain Chardenoux
3rd Place -Edward Lindqvist
Division 2
1st Place -Tyler Henry
2nd Place -Roy Ye
3rd Place -Helen Kim

We're looking forward to Season 2 starting this weekend, April 1 and 2!