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Spring 2018 Programs @ SAS

Registration Information for programs @ SAS

Registration for FastBreak programs @ SAS will be handled in a two step process for competitive programs (not for development programs). Payments handled through the SAS-CSA office include weekday team / skills practices and Wednesday Shooting Practice. All other payments for add-on programs are direct through FastBreak.

Step #1: Register through the SAS-CSA office for all on campus programs. Registration for programs on campus @ SAS will be through the SAS-CSA Office. The link for registration is here. Select "Eagle Club Basketball Registration". All of these programs are provided by FastBreak.

Step #2: For players joining competitive teams, you will  then need to complete a second registration for add-on programs delivered @ UWCE using this form here. This will then allow you to register and make payment for games for your child's team, and / or to add any extra programs which are conducted at UWC East (Saturday FastBreak 3x3 Leagues, extra practices).

If you have any queries, please contact Coach Kiran @, or call me on 9183 5177.

FastBreak Club Philosophy

A maximum 10 players are selected per team.  In games, everyone plays at least 50% of the time for the first 3 quarters.  In the 4th quarter, we play to win!  Playing time in the 4th quarter is at the discretion of the coach.   


Several rounds of assessments are conducted at the start of the season.  Our aim is to find a place for everyone, somewhere in our program!   

  • If we find ourselves one or two above the 10-player limit, we may invite a person to join us as a Reserve.  Reserve players practice with the team and pay only for the practices.  If another player is going to miss a game (due to travel, illness, injury, etc.) the reserves have an opportunity to fill-in.

  • If the coaching staff feels that a player just isn’t ready for inter-club competition, we will invite them to join our internal FastBreak league on Saturdays (at UWC East).

Coach Kiran

Coach Kiran

Phone: +65 9183 5177