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Coronavirus Procedures

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Important Changes for FastBreak Programs for February - March

Below is information on short-medium term changes to published programs due to the current restrictions in place regarding the Coronavirus situation. Currently, only SAS / UWCE students are permitted on their respective school campuses in line with school and Ministry of Health guidelines.

Competitive Program Modifications

Given the current situation regarding the Coronavirus and the ability for students to only attend training sessions at their respective schools, we have had to look closely at how we can best deliver our programs to players; balancing the needs for practice and competitive play.

Below you will find the mid-week practice sessions available to your child’s age group and level.

  • SAS
    • ES BoysTuesdays 16:30-18:00 -ES Gym
    • ES GirlsMondays 16:30-18:00 -ES Gym
    • MS Boys (plus 11&U D1)Wednesdays 16:30-18:00 -ES Gym
    • MS GirlsMondays 16:30-18:00 -ES Gym
    • HS BoysTuesdays 18:00-19:30 -ES Gym
    • HS GirlsMondays 18:00-19:30 -ES Gym
    • Additional / optional sessions:
      • Elite Skills & 3x3: 
        • MS Boys & GirlsThursdays 16:30-18:00 -ES Gym
        • HS Boys & GirlsThursdays 18:00-19:30 -ES Gym
  • UWCE
    • ES Boys & GirlsWednesdays 18:00-19:30 -Sports Hall 3
    • MS BoysMondays 18:00-19:30 -Sports Hall 3
    • MS GirlsWednesdays 18:00-19:30 -Sports Hall 3
    • HS BoysMondays 18:00-19:30 -Sports Hall 3
    • HS GirlsTuesdays 18:00-19:30 -Sports Hall 3
    • Additional / optional sessions:
      • Elite Skills & 3x3: 
        • MS + HS Boys & GirlsThursdays 18:00-19:30 -Sports Hall 3 (starts from next week, February 20)
  • Non-SAS/UWCE players @ SBA practice facility (2 Gambas Cres #01-21, 757044)
    • 11&U / 13&U: Fridays 16:30-18:00
    • 15&U / 18&U: Fridays 18:00-19:30

Sunday games, both CBL and / or any friendlies or intra-club games, are currently postponed until the end of March, in line with MOH guidelines on inter-school (club) competition. With other members of the CBL committee, we have been updating and developing a shortened season which can begin as soon as the current situation, and policies, ease. When this happens, we will be able to immediately begin the season as previously planned.

In the meantime, in order to provide our players with competitive play, we will be running on-campus 3x3 leagues, including set teams, ladders and results, and end-of-season finals and trophies. The current plan is for these programs to run through until Spring Break. If we need to extend these programs after that time, schedules will continue as detailed here.

Below are the times for the 3x3 League for your child:

  • SAS
    • ES Boys & Girls: Fridays 16:30-18:00 -ES Gym AND Saturdays 9:00-10:30 -Gym 2
    • MS Boys: Saturdays 10:30-12:00 -Gym 2
    • MS + HS Girls: Saturdays 12:30-14:00 -Gym 2
    • HS Boys: Saturdays 14:00-15:30 -Gym 2
  • UWCE
    • ES Boys & Girls: Saturdays 9:00-10:30 -Sports Hall 3
    • MS Boys: Saturdays 10:30-12:00 -Sports Hall 3
    • MS + HS Girls: Saturdays 12:30-14:00 -Sports Hall 3
    • HS Boys: Saturdays 14:00-15:30 -Sports Hall 3

We will be inviting non-FastBreak players from the respective schools to play against our own players in these sessions, providing the critical mass of players required for us to provide the highest level of competition for our FastBreak players.

Development Program Modifications

Development programs will continue largely unaffected, with the one change that we will not be running our UWCE Sunday morning Give & Go program. UWCE players in this program will be included in either the Saturday morning development program, or in the ES 3x3 league, depending on their current level and ability.

  • SAS
    • Grade 1-5 Fundamental Skills: Monday 15:15-16:15 -ES Gym
    • Grade KG-2 Fundamental Skills: Saturday 9:00-10:00 -ES Gym
    • Grade 3-5 Give & Go: Saturday 10:00-11:30
  • UWCE
    • Grade KG-5 Fundamental Skills: Saturday 9:30-10:30 -Sports Hall 4

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